MORPHEUS project (by Andrei Dancu)

“In the begging it was just an ideea, a dream to have what nobody else has! it’s called ARTECH Morpheus! “Morpheus” because my first sketch of this bike started as a bicycle. Through the build I discovered that as lowrider as it is it couldn’t be ridden so I added the 200cc engine, transforming it in a motorcycle. ARTECH’s promise to all of you, fans of big toys, is that this is only the first of all the projects to come, so you could also have what nobody else has!

So, thanks to my friend, photographer Marian Sterea, who did his magic in this photo shooting, I present you…. MORPHEUS!!!

Enjoy it!”

sedinta foto_01

sedinta foto_03

sedinta foto_02

sedinta foto_06

sedinta foto_07

sedinta foto_05

sedinta foto_04

sedinta foto_08

sedinta foto_10

sedinta foto_09

sedinta foto_11



Teaser video by: Nicu Straton



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